What Types of Tasks Do Interior and Exterior Painters Complete?

When most people think of painting contractors in Toronto, they think of a contractor who can paint the outside of your home, or paint the walls inside of your home or business. However, interior and exterior painters offer a lot of painting services that many people do not even think about. Before you hire painters, it is important to learn what types of painting projects they can complete on your behalf. Here is more information about these projects.


Interior and exterior painters can paint both interior and exterior walls. This includes the inside of home and commercial buildings and the exterior, including stucco, wood and metal siding. In addition to this, interior and exterior painters can paint specific items, including fencing and staircase balusters and railings. Fireplace surrounds, railings, and baseboards are a few of the other items that can be painted to provide them with a new look and/or longer lifespan. Some companies can even paint cabinetry, including the cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms. If your bathroom or kitchen is looking old and worn, painting or staining the cabinets can help to extend their lives and give them a new look. Finally, painting companies are starting to offer concrete flooring services, including painting or coating concrete floors in your garage, on your patio or in your commercial businesses.


Whether you need the interior of your home painted or the exterior of a commercial project painted, interior and exterior paints and painting contractors in Toronto can help you. Here at Focus Painters, we offer a wide selection of painting services to help ensure anything you need painted can be painted. Contact us at Focus Painters today to inquire about what painting projects we offer that you may need.